Why I went to Showit United 2017

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1. To connect with other photographers.

One of the recurring themes at the conference was connection.

People are hard wired to seek out connections with other people.

I was in a room with over 300 other photographers trying to up level both ourselves and our businesses. Before this conference I didn’t know many other photographers or entrepreneurs. I mostly toiled away at home in front of my computer in my favorite sweat pants trying to conjuring up content and business strategy with limited success.  

The evening of the Black and Gold Ball, there was a moment where I was a part of something special. We were in a dark limo, and as your would expect with a group of photographers, we starting taking pictures. But these weren’t just any phone pictures with our cell phones. Multiple people took out their devices as lighting sources and they discussed which light would be the key, fill, and hair highlight. I mean, that is when you really know you are at a photography conference my friends! It felt like this is where I wanted to be and the kinds of people I wanted to meet.

2. The opportunity to connect with online instructors in person.

2017 is the year I have heavily invested in my education in photography.

I bought courses from Amy and Jordan Demos, Jenna Kutcher, Jasmine Star, to name a few. It was a bit unreal to be able to meet these folks in person who have helped me along the way, but there wer all were exchanging warm hugs and conversations! Much to my surprise, they were normal folks and super sweet and as generous with their time as they were with their knowledge.

It was so reassuring to hear your teachers saying they know how it feels to your shoes now. They were there once, and they remember what it was like how you just keep moving yourself forward.

3. To be a better creator!


As fun as it is trying to do all the things: having a day job, being a wife and dog mom, having a side hustle, trying to be a good friend and showing the people you love that they are important to you. It all requires time and work. Things that for me unfortunately, are not in unlimited supply.

Another big theme for the conference was time management. None of us get more than 24 hours in a day, so how do we best use that time and make it count? Stay tuned, because I’m going to share some time saving strategies that help you use your time more efficiently because as I grow older, I find that time is our most valuable resource!


I left Showit United with a renewed sense of energy and direction. I drank the kool-aid and saw why people spoke so highly of this event and the people involved. If you are thinking about attending this conference I would encourage you to sign up! You may have the same or really different reasons for going, but you will feel welcomed, encouraged, and inspired here!




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