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Hi Friends!

I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks I’ve learned about shooting fitness – specifically yoga photos! You may have seen that I partner up with my friend Viv or @oceanyogagirl quite a bit! We have done shoots in Sacramento, SF Bay Area, New York City, and Scottsdale to date and I’m sure there’s going to be more to come! I’m one of a few photographers helping her expand her account from 400ish when we started to 22,000 followers to date! Here we go:

  • Use a wide angle lens – We’ve learned through trial and error that people want to see the full body. Not only that but an interesting background is always helpful and a wide lens will help you see all those elements! We usually are in the 24-35mm range.
  • Watch your frame – Be sure to include all fingers, toes, hands and feet and that they aren’t being in inadvertently cut off! It’s easy to focus on the torso, and not account for all limbs.
  • Choose good composition – If we could, Viv would always choose to shoot in some tropical location hence the name oceanyogagirl name. Sadly, we are not Hawaii or based on some other tropical island. We are usually in a city, and sometimes not near bodies of water, so we work with what we have. What is around us that is visually interesting? Can we shoot there? Are there limiting hours or crowds to consider?


I picked the location for this photo because it had some great leading lines that point to my subject. I also positioned myself so that the sun flare is positioned creatively around her.

Please let me know if you thought this was helpful and what kind of blog posts you want to see more of!

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