3 Things I’ve done as a creative business owner since the shutdown that has made staying home easier

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Since March, I’ve done a lot of home rearrangement and reflection. It has helped me think about the space I have and utilize it in a way that reflects the priorities in my work and life.  It’s allowed me to feel like I’m getting the most out of my square footage living in a small space, and it’s made me feel more joyful about living and working in the same space, which is absolutely necessary when we are spending so much time at home.

Created a new office and home studio space.

    • This meant that I moved all my photography things to a central location where I get the most and best natural light. I have all my photo surfaces there, lighting equipment, along with my desk next to it. Having this defined space craved out makes it easier for me to get into work mode and makes shooting less cumbersome. Before, my tools were in spaces that fit or had space to store them which made getting ready for a shoot more tedious than it needed to be.
    • Allow yourself to make your life easier, even if it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense at first. My weights and yoga mat now live in my kitchen because that’s the largest non carpeted space I have where my mat fits. Honestly, this felt weird at first, but I work out more because I see it every time I walk into the kitchen, and it reminds me of my movement goals many times throughout the day.

Reframed this as an opportunity instead of a challenge to overcome

    • It’s also allowed us to explore creative solutions for the problems we face. I believe that problems are where creatives thrive. What other solutions are there to solve problems or for you to reach your goals? What can I do to turn this situation into a win?
    • Reframing your thoughts allow you to approach them differently. I allowed myself to explore and see what it would be like with a different arrangement, and flow.  I recognized that I can change things and rearrange them again if it didn’t work for me, and allow myself to make a mess.


Express your creativity in new ways

    • In the before times, many of us didn’t have enough time to do the things we wanted. Working on my personal and creative expression was one of them. But now you can.
    • Writing, listening to music that expresses emotions, singing, dancing, allowing yourself to try new things. Personally, I picked up drawing and painting again.
    • Most importantly, we need to allow ourselves to be imperfect and patient when trying out new things. I know that’s something that has held me back before. I wanted to be good at something and was so hard on myself as a beginner. Be kind to yourself. Everyone gets better with more time and practice, not by tearing themselves apart and being critical of themselves.


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