I'm Emily!

I'm a Bay Area based Personal Branding and Family Photographer.
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It’s fair to say that I have always been obsessed with storytelling.

As a child, I was addicted to reading fairy tales and stories. My family did not understand how the VHS tape lasted hundreds of viewings. As an adult, I binge on Netflix series quickly plowing through entire episodes and seasons.




In my former work as a Cancer Care Coordinator, there were many great people all with their own stories. Their stories ranged from ones with hope, perseverance, optimism, faith, and sometimes indifference. I soon realized that I was documenting journeys through words in charts which didn’t tell the whole story. It didn’t capture the emotion of the situation. It didn’t adequately capture the shades of grey in various scenarios much less the full range of color. 

I wanted to be able to tell these stories. I learned how to use a camera and became obsessed with capturing fleeting moments of emotions. I realized how very precious they are, and how they often go by unnoticed.

I started to photograph family and friends. When I worked with a friend that had children I was a little intimidated. I have always worked with adults who follow posing directions and had more predictable behavior. After a few sessions and learning some tips along the way, kids have quickly become my favorite types of people to photograph! They are bursting with personality, energy and emotion, all of which I love to capture in my photography!

Everyone has such a unique story to tell. I’d let to help you tell yours through my photography.



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