Artist Dates: Shelter In Place Edition

Artist's Date - Shelter in Place Edition
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Artist's Date - Shelter in Place Edition

Bay Area Ideas for the Shelter in Place

It’s Shelter In Place (SIP), Week 4, in the Bay Area. WE MADE IT! Maybe it wasn’t incredibly graceful getting here, but we’re here! Since it’s been a minute since I’ve done an Artist’s date post, I thought it would be fun to do a Shelter in Place edition!




I enjoy the SF MOMA a lot. It’s got good food, views, exhibits and a ton of online content that I didn’t even know about until recently. This is a good place to start going down the rabbit hole. 

You can check out artist studios, artist interviews, learn more about Japanese photography. Seriously, so much good stuff!

Other Art Related Links to check out:

Creative Live – Free and paid streaming of a wide range of Creative Classes! I’ve bought and watched free streams of all kinds of classes here.

AirBnB Online Experience – Global market of other creative offerings from entrepreneurs! From magic to cooking to tarot readings, there’s a little bit of everything here as well!

Sue Bryce Education – Sue Bryce is one of the leading photography educators. She has a LIBRARY of photography educational resources. The library of resources are going to be open to April 20-26th! You do need to sign up to get in, but if you’re wanting to brush up on a photography skill, I can’t see you going wrong here!



Ordering Take out or Delivery

Let’s be real. It’s a lot of work to feed yourself regularly at home.

Sometimes you need a break. And sometimes you just need to feel a sense of normalcy in this abnormal time. I hit a mental roadblock last week, and ordering from a loved local restaurant helped a lot. The benefits are numerous: you get to support a small business, you get a break from trying to figure out what to feed yourself, you don’t have the cleanup if your order delivery – you can make a driver’s day by leaving a good tip.

It’s not just meals, but ice cream, pastries, and all the delicious things you love to eat are now coming to you via delivery or take out order.


Planning your responsible Shelter in Place outing

When I was hitting the hard place last week, I realized I didn’t leave the house for ten days other than my normal dog walking.

I bought enough food and received delivery, where I didn’t need to leave. But I didn’t recognize how necessary having a weekly trip is.

This week has been much better. I took Ollie to a veterinary appointment and went to my medical job. It’s made all the difference to have some social interaction with others and driving past my immediate neighborhood. If you don’t have a medical reason to leave the house, you can always pick up food, takeout, and other essential supplies.


It’s important to do new things in and out of the house. For me, I really enjoy exploring new things like exhibits, other artist’s spaces, or more about their work. It helps in this time to do something that provide a sense of normalcy. This to me is comfort in foods I love (that I don’t have to cook) and planning a responsible outing weekly. I hope you are staying well during this shelter in place!


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