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Hey friends! I have something special to share with you today! It’s my first business collaboration blog post. I know you’re thinking… that’s not exciting, but there will be a coupon code at the end of the post for you to get a little something something!

Natalie is a fellow B-School Class of 2018 member! We found each other through the Facebook community. She is the founder and maker behind the Pep Soap. Her two year old, small batch crafted soap company. She designed her soap for people with allergies and skin sensitivities. I immediately loved her enthusiasm for her product, her natural ingredient list, and the idea of having a everyday self care break daily using her soap!

Her soap is already making international strides! Pep Soap is in Canada, where Natalie is based, the US, Europe, and Hong Kong! Here’s a bit more about Natalie!


Was Pep Soap born from a need you saw in the soap market?

I feel the hype around self-care had turned a simple concept into yet another checkbox to tick on our never ending to-do list. For me, self-care is just taking small moments in your day and making them special.
I want Pep Soap to be one of your special moments. Every decision is made based on that vision: the bar is wrapped like a present so you are unwrapping a gift to yourself; a minimal list of simple ingredients so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin; formulation that’s gentle and conditioning so your skin feels amazing right out of the shower.
But really, at the end of the day, it’s not about the soap or whatever you do for “me” time. It’s about having healthy ways to recharge everyday so you can get back to doing what matters.

Do you have a favorite soap in your line up to make or to use?

That’s tough. I would say it depends on mood and season. Last week I went camping. I brought RAIN with me. With cool and refreshing Fir and Eucalyptus, RAIN was just the right thing for hot summer days.
But really, I love them all! When in doubt, I choose LOVE. šŸ˜€

What is the inspiration behind your new line?

I love this question. Inspiration is everywhere. I live at the edge of an evergreen forest. The Gratitude collection with EARTH, BLOOM, and FOREST is inspired by the nature that’s right at my doorstep.
For the Celebration collection, I want to invoke a sense of happiness. Bright, light, and sweet. LOVE and SUNSHINE celebrate local ingredients like fresh goat milk and raw honey from the Fraser Valley in Canada.

The Mood collection is a personal journey of introspection. When you unwrap a bar from the Mood Collection, there’s a hidden message read “Be trusting. Be bold. Be gentle.”. The message is inspired by “Find Your Strongest Life” by Marcus Buckingham. It’s a reminder to give yourself space. MIST, RAIN, and STORM explore the raw that make you whole and real.

It’s incredible how wide spread your soap is! Do you have any advise for pitching companies or stockists?

Thanks! I’m not sure if I qualified to give advice. Pitching, and putting my work out there in general, was, and still is, outside my comfort zone.
I remember a quote by an actor (can’t remember who): “People want you to succeed”. She was talking about performing, but I think it’s equally applicable whether you are interviewing for a job, presenting a project at work, or in my case, pitching to store buyers. The people on the other side is just like you, doing their job, looking for the right fit. They want you to succeed. This mindset took the pressure off hard selling and turn the focus on meeting their needs to bring the best products to their customers.


Yes! People want you to succeed! The message is very similar to the book I finished reading The Universe has your Back.

If you’re at all interested in trying Natalie’s amazing soaps, she has given my readers a special coupon code! Type in “EMILY” in the order notes and she will hook you up with THREE guest soaps! It’s an awesome way to sample some of the other bars!

I’ve had a change to try these! The soaps all smell amazing and don’t leave your skin feeling stripped like other bar soaps that I’ve tried!

Thank you Natalie for your insight and special code!



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