Croatia 2018 Workshop with Eva Kosmas Flores and Bea Lubas

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Props from the workshop with Eva Kosmas Flores and Bea Lubas
Workshop gifts from Eva Kosmas Flores and Bea Lubas

I can’t believe it’s been a month since the food photography workshop with Eva Kosmas Flores and Bea Lubas! A lot of people have asked about it and I have a ton of pictures from it I wanted to share with you!

You may have heard me mention how special it was to me. Ladies from all over the world gathered together here, from Poland, Lebanon, Ireland, Ukraine, India, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, as well as some other Americans from LA and Seattle. We were all brought together by our love of food, photography, and travel!


Croatia is beautiful! We were in Istria which is one of the more affluent regions of the country because of the truffle industry here. It reminds me of the Napa Valley back home, lush lands with a strong food industry influence.

For Game of Thrones fans, there’s a lot of filming done in Croatia! So you can visit some familiar sites. I didn’t get to go to Split but I’ve heard really wonderful things about it!


Eva hosted the workshop this year with Bea Lubas from Bea’s Cookbook. We also had Lili of Travelling Oven, Danielle Firle of Secret Supper, and Mona Johnson and Jaret Foster of Tourant to round out the dream team! First, everyone was great. Eva and Bea are both wonderful and talented ladies. They were generous with their time and knowledge. You quickly felt like they were dear friends instead of people you met hours ago.  They have different styles of photography, and it was interesting to see how they both style, shoot a scene, and how they select their own lighting situation.


The food at every food photography workshop I’ve been to has blown me away. Mona and Jaret are (unofficial) patron saints of delicious delicious food. I would strongly encourage anyone to go to one of their events and feast on their creations.


This was my second food photography workshop this year and it did not disappoint! There were a few differences between this one and the one in San Francisco with Bella Karragiannidis of ful-filled. The Croatia experience seemed to be one part food photography workshop and one part travel experience.

There was wine tasting of local regional wines hosted by Danielle who is also a sommelier. We foraged for truffles in the forrest with truffle hunting dogs. We also had lunch on top of the valley overlooking Motovun which was beautiful and peaceful. This workshop also really taught me how your photography can capture your own personality and factors that influence your own style. Each workshop has been wonderful in different ways! I feel lucky to have been a part of these!  Hubs has commented about how I’m much more relaxed now after my trip! Lol.

Friends, I hope this inspires you to chase whatever fuels you creatively. It doesn’t have to be an international trip. It can be a day trip somewhere new to you, or even exploring art in your area.

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