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Hi Friends!

Everyone’s been asking how life has been going for us so I thought I’d do an update on how things have been!

June 22nd was my last day of regular work as a PA. Hubs was on a work trip the week of, so it was me, Ollie, and a lot of boxes! We picked him up from SFO that evening and the next morning we were greeted by movers and a high of 106 degrees F in Sacramento! (It was 85 F the weekend before!)

Week 1: We made it!

There was a ton of unpacking, as expected. If we are our things, we’re mostly kitchen boxes and book boxes. Honorable mention goes to the amount of bathroom / beauty related product I have for a person who doesn’t wear makeup on a regular basis.

I did various projects like change electrical outlets – Thank you college physics class! It did end up having a practical life application after all!

My cousin was getting married in Seattle the following weekend, so I unpacked to repack a bag to get to the wedding. Totally worth it, but not the relaxing post regular work weekend I had envisioned.


Week 2: We finished unpacking!

We learned what the 4th of July in East Sacramento was like. It was cool enough for us to walk down to the parade and check out the neighborhood parade.

I started working on making the business a more serious venture. I had a brain dump of all the ideas I had and the things I wanted to do. I started discussing collaborations with other businesses and signed myself up to work with local businesses and other small business owners.

Week 3: Meetings and networking galore!

One of my biggest goals for myself and the business to get out of my introverted shell and to go out and meet others. It’s one of the reasons I think we were unsuccessful here during our first trial run in Sacramento. We didn’t make as strong of an effort to meet new people. Our network of friends still remained in the Bay Area and we stuck to what was familiar and comfortable.

I went to Tuesdays Together with the Rising Tide Society. I went to the Blog Bloc event which a  new friend told me about. I went to see a co-working space, and joined. I met a known local food blogger, and became her assistant.

Week 4: Do things that scare you.

It was a hodgepodge week. I ended up going back to the Bay to my old job. Everyone was confused because they thought I left. I learned that I like the OR way more when I’m doing it once a month versus a regular full time gig. I assisted making a stop motion video. Then I decided that I should go for it and learn video. The thing that was stopping me before was lack of resources, i.e. time to learn how to do it, but now I don’t have that excuse and I’m going to do it.

Week 5: Email list with opt in

My big success this week is getting an email list started complete with helpful opt in PDF! If you’re reading this on my blog, scroll to almost the end of the page. Just above my Instagram feed should be a place to put in your name and email to get on the list! Once you sign up, you’ll get four easy tips to look better in photos as a thank you! I plan to make more and more helpful PDFs so please let me know what you’d be interested in seeing!

That’s all I have for now friends! Thank you so much for reading and for following along with me!

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  1. Meghan says:

    Welcome back to Sacramento! So excited to have you here! The Sacramento Creative Economy and the Food Scene are lively and everyone is so warm and welcoming. You will flourish.

    • Emily Abdinor says:

      Sorry for the late reply! Yes! I have found everyone to be so welcoming and wanting to help each other! It’s a welcome change from the Bay Area scene where competition seems to be more the norm!

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