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Print Shop from Sheltering in Place - Berkeley, CA
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Print Shop from Sheltering in Place - Berkeley, CA

I was talking to a friend over FaceTime last week. We spoke about current projects and I told her I put together a gallery of some of the photos I’ve taken while dog walking. A gallery that housed my favorite photos since the shelter in place first started. Most of these first appeared as stories Instagram, but I liked them so much I made them into prints. I admitted to her that at this point I wasn’t even sure why I was posting dog walking photos because they didn’t seem related to my business. At this point, a month into shelter in place, the days blurred together and your reasons for doing things also seem a bit further in the distance.

Then she offered her perspective. That the photos were a challenge to see the beauty in the everyday. And suddenly I remembered. All the thoughts and reasons I had come rushing back.

I love being challenged by seeing beauty in every day.

Even when every day feels like Groundhog’s day.

The buildings and the streets don’t change on my walk, but the light, the weather, and nature around us do change. My openness to seeing beauty does. It’s why I fell in love with photography because it challenges me to see differently.

Every day, I wake up and wonder what beauty I can see today. And that’s why I do my dog walking photos.

I too got lost along the way but found my way back.

Print Shop from Sheltering in Place - Berkeley, CA

New Print Gallery

My walking dog walking photos during COVID-19 are up.  Here is the link to see all my print offerings. The previous gallery in Italy is still up. They seem appropriate to keep speaking about COVID-19. I’m glad to hear that Italy along with some places in the states are starting to reopen. Fingers crossed that we continue to do well in this unprecedented time.

Print Shop from Sheltering in Place - Berkeley, CA

Other lady artists doing creative projects this time

Jamie Beck is offering daily #IsolationCreations. Every day she shoots and edits a photo also available for print. She is a New Yorker that now lives in Provance, France. A lot of her work is inspired by the French countryside with blooms in season, her family, and her self-portraits during this time.

Marte Marie Forsberg is doing a 30-day challenge in the English countryside. It’s similar to how she started her food blog photographing her lunch for 30 days straight. Now she’s a published author, runs retreats, has her own print shop, and has her own line of homewares.


One of the most beautiful things I read was that people first turned to music, books, movement, art for inspiration during times of need. They needed to feel hope and that they were not alone. I hope you’re out there connecting with others, creating if you have the bandwidth to do so, and know that you’re definitely not alone in whatever you feel right now.

Print Shop from Sheltering in Place - Berkeley, CA

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