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Product photography for small business Araceli Farms

When COVID-19 first hit and things were economically uncertain, I announced a mini product session giveaway for small business owners. It helped boost morale in the creative community in an uncertain time. So shoot is the result of the giveaway.

Lavender Essential Oil Product Photo - Araceli Farm

Why product photography is my new love

I’ve really fallen in love with product photography shoots.

It stretches me creatively because I’m often not only shooting but styling but also dreaming and putting a shoot together. I’ve been doing these in my home studio where I have all the things: props, backgrounds, and access to nature so I can forage for other natural items. It’s not just something I can do while staying socially distanced from others, but it’s how I see my business moving forward in the future.

Lavender product bundle from Araceli Farm

Araceli Farms Photoshoot

Araceli Farms was the winner of my giveaway and I had the pleasure of working with their woman-run, family-owned, local business. They hosted a lot of events last year like the Lavender Festival, but are looking to generate more online sales to shift with the changing market.

I was lucky enough to shoot there last year as a part of my Mother’s day Session and it turned out great! Photographers can also book the farm as a location during their peak season. So that’s something to consider if you’re looking for an awesome location and want to support a fellow small business owner.

Custom Editing for Brands

The looks are quite different between the Mother’s Day Session – Portrait shoot, to the product shoot. In portrait looks, I prioritize skin tones and emotions captured. In branding shoots, I talk to my clients about the look and mood their brand is going for. Justina from Araceli Farms wanted a moodier look. She also has had previous shoots at Propgate, so I wanted to make the look cohesive to some of the photos she already has in her online shop.

Lavender Product bundle - Araceli Farms, Product photo

Lavender Soaps from Araceli Farms


I’d love to help others transition into the online retail market by taking product photography for small businesses. My goal is to have photos that will not only catch people’s eyes but also translate into sales and profits.

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