Survival guide: Shelter in Place

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It’s week two of the shelter in place. At least in the San Francisco Bay Area where I’m from. A lot of my friends are getting anxious and cabin fever is starting to fit in. People have asked how we’re doing. I appreciate the thoughts and love! I’m a homebody introvert by nature, so this isn’t too different from my normal life. I’m sorry extroverts everywhere as I know this is much harder on you.

I decided to create a guide for people wondering what to do with themselves. I’m going to link to as many free resources as I can think of because of the challenging economic times we’re in. I hope this helps you or brings you some ideas on what to do with your time!


The news is all over the place and it’s sometimes too much. The only new programming I’m watching these days are from foreign funny guys. Also, laughter is THE BEST medicine. Seriously. Sometimes things are so absurd you just have to laugh. These are those times.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

The man is continuing to broadcast his show with a few phones and his editing team working from home. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Here’s a more traditional news source from the NYT: The Daily Podcast



My favorite yogi and fitness instructor, Cecily Guest, started her broadcasting workouts on her YouTube channel.  There are bodyweight exercises you can do without a lot of equipment that you can search for.

If you need equipment, get creative. I lost my yoga strap so put two belts together so I would have one long strap to work on my shoulder mobility and range of motion. I was watching a video where they used 2 lb weights and I thought about using canned food instead.


Physical books are a bit harder to get these days with Amazon shipping times being extended for nonessential items. So here are so thoughts about getting digital books and audiobooks in your life.

Your Public Library is likely an untapped resource. I was able to borrow books and audiobooks without stepping into the library before, but I imagine this depends on your location and how flexible your city is about this!

If that doesn’t work, Scribd is also offering 30 days free without a credit card. 



Here are two playlists I thought would be helpful during this time. The first is a workout mix for those home workouts!

The second is a more soothing singer-songwriter inspired mix. 

It’s got positive happy music about love and some older favorites of mine. It’s also great to play in the background when you’re working from home.


The most helpful thing I’ve found is still connecting with others. This looks like sending text messages to all my friends /colleagues in healthcare to make sure they are doing well. Facetiming with family and friends. Letting people know that you’re there, even if not in the physical body from the distancing measures. I’ve seen people do Zoom calls dinners with friends and I think it’s fantastic.



I’d love to hear how you’re getting through this time! Things you’re doing and enjoying! Seeing that as an opportunity to explore and do things you’ve always wanted to do, but have never had the time to do has changed how I see this experience.

Drop a comment about some of your favorites so you can share it with the rest of us!


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